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ModernMusic COMES IN.

ModernMusic emphasizes on a fun, team spirit environment during class. Through fun activities, children are encouraged to express, differentiate and reason creatively ; harnessing the power of the left and right brain which enhances their EQ and IQ.
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What is ModernMusic  ?
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ModernMusic has been awarded the
under the category of  Inspirational Development ”.

This award was presented by
Ministry of Human Resources YB Dato Sri Richard Riot.

ModernMusic FOUR Pillars of Training Pedagogy

1. Humanity​

universal senses, 
real life encounters,
colours, moods, etc..
2. Cool Trends

kid's latest interests, passions, movies, games, the "in" things.
3. Gamification

learn through games and rewards, having fun in the process.
4. World's Music

travel the world through music's characteristic & cultures.

ModernMusic Education System aims to Develop Musical Intelligence.

We conduct ​​​​ during and  after school musical intelligence programmes at preschools, public / private / international schools in Malaysia. Our OutReach programmes  :-
ModernMusic Programmes are now available to preschools such as kindergarten, montessori, enrichment centre, etc...... ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Let our professional musicians take care of your "music" subject, enhance your current curriculum
and syllabus. 

No purchase of Instrument. 
No annual fees
No royalty 
No starter-kits
No additional cost to you.
Results Assured !  

Contact our Programme Advisor 016 219 5160 for demo.

International schools
ModernMusic provides Public, Private and International Schools in designing and setting up
"music department" of the schools or supporting musicians to existing music department. ​

Music curriculum and supporting teaching are available for Primary & Secondary such as International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), International Baccalaureate (IB) or tailored design programme for "school's iconic ensemble".

Contact our Programme Advisor 016 219 5160 for demo.

ModernMusic Incubator
ModernMusic Cikgu Affiliate Programme (CAP) is an initiative by providing keyboard lab to public schools.

No investment of keyboard by public school, it will be invested and setup by ModernMusic.
Free training to school's music teachers to develier the programme effectively.

Complete with teaching module, lesson plan and local songs suitable to our Malaysian students.

Battle of Sticks
Rhythm Affirmation stems from the combination of Rhythm + Self Affirmation.​​​​

Rhythm involves putting together of beats, pulse, shakes and rattles while Self Affirmation is defined
as acknowledging and asserting of the value and existence of onseself.

That being said, Rhythm Affirmation is aimed at building one's self esteem and the inclination towards a positive mind-set through the declaration and reciting of positive, encouraging statement accompanied by a varied genre of rhythm beats as a based-line. 

ModernMusic Lab
ModernMusic LAB can be setup in any establishment such as enrichment centre, learning zone, home schooling centre, etc... where ModernMusic Programmes are offered to the public. 

"8 Music Mastery" are impart in every classes and consist of THREE modules based on contemporary music genre and ensemble setting :

                                          ModernMusic Young Kids 
                                             ModernMusic Kids 1 
                                             ModernMusic Kids 2

ModernMusic Incubator
ModernMusic INCUBATOR initiative aims to provides school leavers or budding "music enthusiast" with/without any prior music training, the opporutnity to become a music trainer.

This is to impart, nurutre and mentoring them into success music career. 

>3 months FULL TIME intestive training
>Hands-On LIVE Practical Instruction
>REAL TIME Teaching Experience
>Mentor-Mentee Training Methodology
>Job Guarantee Upon Completion

Holiday Programmes
Fun & Educational music holiday programme for various age groups are carefully design and implement based on school's holiday objective. 

It varied from half day to few days programme, from small to large group of students. Students will showcase a performance at the end of the programme.​​

Contact our Programme Advisor 016 219 5160 for demo.

ModernMusic Techno
Technology play a large part in today's students lives. Appreciation and understanding of music is no longer limited to musical instruments.  

ModernMusic TECHNO programme is design for students to "learn + create" music using fun & interactive music technology from tablet and handphone. The ultimate student's music creation will be published online via youtube.

Contact our Programme Advisor 016 219 5160 for demo.